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    It's time to check your brain health.
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    Different from your traditional cognitive test.
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    Identify any challenges, and focus on your strengths.
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    Together, we promote quality of life with neuroscience.


The only comprehensive, evidence-based neurofunctional assessment delivering real world applicable insights. 



You can choose to donate your de-identified results to our Living Brain Bank to assist in accelerating our knowledge in neuroscience.

Engaging &

In 15 minutes, the BrainFx SCREEN assessment can help set a baseline, or assist in recommending

an in-depth assessment. 

Sensitive & 

In 90 to 120 minutes, the BrainFx 360 assessment outlines areas of strength and challenges in neurofunction.  

Brain Health & Wellness

You are tracking your blood pressure, heart rate, and steps... what are you doing for your brain? 

At BrainFx, we believe that each person has their own unique profile of strengths and challenges when it comes to brain health. By having you perform real world applicable activities, we measure neurofunction so that your health care team can understand you better. That way, if anything changes, they can quickly make recommendations that are specific to you. 

Promoting Brain Health

... by making the invisible effects of

brain disorders VISIBLE

Want to know more about Brain Assessments?

Are you a physician or neuropsychologist?

Innovative neurological assessment platform combines leading neuroscience data with cutting edge software to help you assess and monitor brain health issues. Information can be helpful with early diagnosis, detection and the treatment of neurological dysfunction. 

Do you provide neurorehabiliation?

BrainFx assessments assist health professionals in neurorehabilitation to identify a need for treatment, to develop specific and targeted treatment plans and provide a functional outcome measure for intervention. From screening to comprehensive evaluation. 

Are you a researcher?

BrainFx is designed to capture mild to moderate dysfunction that tests for moderate to severe impairment can miss. Measure neurofunctional performance by population, use for tracking, pre-post study, to study effects of interventions, or correlating to imaging.