BrainFx creates clinical, digital assessment tools (both web and tablet based) for healthcare professionals, so they can measure the effects of brain disorders on a person's ability to function in real life. The premier offering is BrainFx 360, a new, comprehensive, standardized, research-based digital assessment tool that is designed to measure the functional impact of mild to moderate brain injury or disorder.

BrainFx 360 was created to measure cognitive (thinking skills), mood, social, behavioural, fine motor and balance effects through self-report, collateral report, and standardized performance testing, through real-life skills and game-like activities for people who are age 10 and up. 

BrainFx 360 is an evolution in traditional clinical assessment. Co-creators Tracy Milner and Heather Condello are Occupational Therapists who based the assessment on over a decade of frontline clinical experience and research, and the feedback of over 40 frontline professionals from multiple disciplines. 

At BrainFx, we want to help make the invisible effects of mild to moderate brain disorders visible. 

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In The News...
BrainFx at MedEdge 2014

 BrainFx is honored to have been showcased at the MedEdge Summit!  Read about it at CanHealth.com

BrainFx recipient of W. Daniel Mothersill Award

BrainFx had the privilege of being Awarded the W. Daniel Mothersill BUILD award. Click the image to learn more!