The Assessment

The Assessment

BrainFx 360 assessment
The BrainFx 360 Assessment was designed to be:
- Sensitive to mild to moderate brain disorder
- Standardized
- Evidence based
- A collection tool for brain health data
- Measure real-life/real-world function
- Able to measure functional outcomes based on an individuals neurofunction

What is Neurofunction?

Definition: A comprehensive understanding of a person's functional status as related to his/her neurological condition, whether healthy or dysfunctional. Includes a person's abilities (physical, cognitive, psychosocial), activity participation, as well as quality of life.

What does BrainFx 360 measure?


  • Comprehensively measures over 30 cognitive skills including: Attention, Memory, Executive Functioning and more.


  • Static Balance, Coordination, Reaction Time, Endurance, Fine Motor, Vision Screen, Hearing Screen & Other Sensory


  • Affect - sadness, anxiety, irritibility, motivation
  • Behaviour - Impulsivity, aggression, self-harm, perseveration
  • Social Skills & Interaction

Activities of daily living

  • Self-care, home, school, work, sport, leisure
  • Level of participation and satisfaction

Measuring an individual's brain function means healthcare teams will have comprehensive information available quickly to consider for treatment planning and recommendations. Though not necessary, taking the BrainFx 360 assessment to get a baseline will allow for results to be compared at a future date so any improvements or declines in skills can be tracked.