Our Mission

To make the invisible effects of brain disorders VISIBLE together.

Our Story

Founded by Tracy Milner and Heather Condello

BrainFx was founded by Tracy Milner and Heather Condello. Tracy and Heather are both Occupational Therapists who have practiced extensively in the area of neurorehabilitation with adults and children and have led Ontario based, multi-disciplinary practices for almost fifteen years.  

Traditional Assessments Not Consistent

In their practice, it became apparent to Heather and Tracy that traditional standardized assessment tools were not consistent with their functional observations for people with mild to moderate dysfunction. More complex skills were missed and cognition was often measured in isolation, missing the critical impact that physical and psychosocial challenges have on cognition. In order to assess people with mild to moderate dysfunction they found they were needing to pull together an eclectic battery of tools.

Need for Assessment Sensitive to Milder Dysfunction

They recognized the significant need for a comprehensive assessment tool for people with brain disorders, sensitive to mild dysfunction and applicable to real life experiences. Their frustration in practice inspired BrainFx assessments. Passionate about using neurofunctional assessment and intervention, they view BrainFx as the opportunity to combine technology, clinicial knowlege and current research to positively impact children and adults globally.