The Science of BrainFx 

BrainFx Assessments have been created with frontline healthcare professionals, neuroscience academics, and individuals with a mission to deliver gold standard assessments.  Our Assessments are validated independently in collaboration with prominent researchers and institutions in neuroscience. BrainFx Assessments offer a scientific approach to assess brain health, and your ability to function in real life.

BrainFx Assessments Measure Neurofunction

Neurofunction Definition: A comprehensive understanding of a your functional status as related to your neurological condition, whether healthy or dysfunctional. This includes the following abilities - physical, cognitive, psychosocial, activity participation, as well as your quality of life. 

To Fill a Needed Gap

Most traditional paper and pencil cognitive tests were designed to pick up on more moderate to severe impairment. By focusing on more complex cognitive skills and comprehensively assessing other areas of neurofunction, BrainFx Assessments are focused on detecting more subtle or mild to moderate dysfunction. Plus, assessments are engaging and use real world context in order to yield real world applicable insights. 

"The absence of evidence, 

is not

evidence of absence."

Partners in Research