Ready to train to administer BrainFx Assessments? 

Are you eligible? In order to become a Certified by BrainFx Administrator (CBAs), you need to be a health professional that reports to a regulatory or certifying body. Wondering if your profession is eligible? Just contact us to find out! 

Next decide if you want to register for BrainFx 360 training (which includes BrainFx SCREEN training), or BrainFx SCREEN training only. Follow the link below to create your profile. While we are verifying that you are in good standing with your regulatory/certifying body, you can register for training. Contact us to review pricing options for your practice.

Remember, if you have questions at any time, we are here to help. Call us at 1.844.BRAINFX or email us at!

Training is SELF PACED and ONLINE. There are eight modules with a quiz and reflection after each module, and a final exam. Training typically takes 4-6 hours to complete.

Don't forget to check if you may have reimbursement for professional development. We can provide you with receipts in the needed format for reimbursement submission.


Training is SELF PACED and ONLINE. BrainFx SCREEN training is one module taking approximately 30 minutes with a quiz after completion. 

Training fees are included (no additional costs) to your unlimited subscription to using BrainFx SCREEN.