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Detect what other cognitive assessments can miss

Upgrade your MMSE. Provide comprehensive, personalized, and sensitive cognitive care with neurofunctional assessments that can be administered anywhere — in clinic or remotely.

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Everything you need from testing to treatment


In just 10-15 minutes, sensitively assess 7 complex cognitive functional skills plus mood, fatigue, sleep, anxiety, and more.

Advanced analytics

Objective, performance-driven insights on your client and how they compare to normative populations


Wherever you are, assess 25 complex cognitive functional skills and get the information you need when you need it.

Treatment documentation

Recommendations, templates, guides, and more to help you streamline and plan highly effective care


In just 90-minutes, generate a 36-page report across 30 cognitive functional skills plus sensory, psychosocial, physical, and more.

Private and secure

Never worry about compliance, confidentiality and privacy again.

Automated scoring & reporting

Let us do the work and just focus on what matters most – spending more time with your client

Clinical and Technical Support

Whether it’s helping to interpret a report or troubleshooting a technical challenge – we have you covered.

For nearly any type of population (10+)

Concussion/Brain Injury


Mental illness


Brain fog

Other neurological/brain disorders

Other conditions with cognitive effects

Get more out of your assessments

Detect the 50%

Detect the 50% of mild to moderate cognitive dysfunction that can often get missed by traditional methods

80% Faster

Get comprehensive Neurofunctional insights in 80% less time compared to traditional clinical assessment workflows in rehabilitation.

Save 10+ hours

Save hours with immediate, automated scoring and reporting, and spend more time on care planning.

Trusted by 1000s of providers delivering innovative, real-world based cognitive care
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“I love working with this assessment tool. It provides a great starting point for treatment and discussion around strategies to improve neurofunction.”

Occupational Therapist and BrainFx Administrator

Getting the clinical information you need doesn’t have to be hard

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