A Suite of Highly Sensitive, Digital Neurofunctional Assessments 

Designed to detect what other tests often miss and help with “what next?”

Research-based, digital cognitive assessments that detect what other cognitive tests can miss by measuring more domains, potentially confounding factors, and root-causes through real-world, function-based activities. Connect to the right intervention at the right time.

BrainFx SCREEN assessment

10-15 min Screening 

BrainFx Virtual Assessment

30 min Telehealth

BrainFx 360 Assessment

90 min Comprehensive

Trusted by 1000s of providers delivering innovative, real-world based cognitive care
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Three assessments, uniquely designed for better sensitivity and ecological validity

BrainFx 360

BrainFx 360 measures 30 cognitive skills plus psychosocial, physical, and sensory factors to build the deepest, most comprehensive, and clinically useful performance-based neurofunctional profile.

The assessment is made up of  62 multi-sensory, real-life and game-like activities over 90-120 minutes that measure performance. 

It’s the only digital assessment of its kind. 

BrainFx 360 Assessment
BrainFx Virtual Assessment

BrainFx VCA (Telehealth)

BrainFx Virtual Cognitive Assessment evaluates 25 functional cognitive skills and delivers mission-critical information about a person’s neurofunctional strengths and challenges.

In 30-minutes, assess your client from anywhere to get the information you need to plan and deliver highly targeted treatment.  

BrainFx VCA (Telehealth)

Cognitive function can be a complex process to understand. There are many potentially confounding factors that can influence one’s cognitive abilities, beyond the cognitive skills themselves. From a clinical perspective, it can be challenging to get a clear understanding of one’s complete cognitive functional profile with existing tools.

This is why BrainFx assessments measure more cognitive skills than any other cognitive assessment: totaling 30 cognitive skills. The assessments also incorporate sensory, physical, and psychosocial skills, as well as other factors like daily life demands, medical history, and other key background information like sleep, nutrition, mood, and behavior.


BrainFx SCREEN is a shortened version of the BrainFx 360 to assist in determining whether more comprehensive assessment is needed. Use it for setting baselines, comparing performance to existing normative populations, tracking and next-steps planning.

In just 10-15-minutes, create a brief brain health profile of strengths and weaknesses with automated reporting and advanced real-time analytics for baseline comparison or cohort analysis to determine next-steps.

BrainFx SCREEN assessment

How BrainFx Compares to Other Cognitive Assessments

Key Assessment Features

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Traditional Pen & Paper Tests Used in Primary Care & Rehabilitation

Leading Digitized Pen & Paper Tests Used in Primary Care & Rehabilitation

Number of Skills/Domains Measured




More Than Cognition


Not typically

Not typically

Unique Assessments (i.e. Not digitized versions of paper tests)




Connected to Real Life Function


Very little

Very little

Actionable Results to Care Plans (i.e. More than the test scores)


Very little

Very little

Real-Time Normative Cohort Filtering




Diagnosis Agnostic


Not typically

Not typically

Expect more out of your cognitive assessments

Rapid, comprehensive or telehealth testing, whatever you need to deliver the best care

Use our 10-15 minute BrainFx SCREEN for rapid assessment, administer the 90-minute BrainFx 360 for a deep dive into a person’s neurofunctional profile, or connect with your client virtually to deliver a 30-minute telehealth assessment. Detect mild to moderate cognitive dysfunction, and understand the interplay between cognitive, psychosocial, and physical domains from a functional perspective.

Advanced data-analytics for targeted care planning

With consent, data gathered during BrainFx assessments can be anonymized and added to the ever-growing database of normative data in our Living Brain Bank™. Leveraging advanced analytics and artificial intelligence, the Living Brain Bank™ will accelerate efficiency in analysis and decision-making as common risk-factors, social determinants, and individual history in BrainFx profiles are identified and made more precise and predictable.

Standardized, in-depth training & education

Before BrainFx, there wasn’t a definition for ‘neurofunction’ – so we created one. As healthcare innovators, we have developed courses that dive deep into the science behind our novel neurofunctional approach, survey best-practices and relevant research and provide practical takeaways or clinical practice.

Online portal, community and clinical decision support

Get access to an interactive portal where you can analyze, track and share results  and invite your clients to complete self and companion reports, or jump into our exclusive online clinical community to learn about best practices and the latest cognitive research, or connect with our team for practice clinical decision support.

Clinical use cases

Annual wellness

Baseline or re-test, concern or pre-concern, effects of medication or physical changes on cognition, and more.

Pre/post event

Concussions, mental illness, medication changes, slips or falls, etc.


Return to life/work/play/learn or any type of treatment where cognition can be involved.

High performance

Track brain health, see patterns, identify strengths and challenges, see how nutrition or lifestyle impacts cognition, and more.


Emergency or ICU, discharge planning, case management.

And more

Such as the effects of brain fog from cancer, the impact of a stroke, changes in cognition from substance abuse, etc.

Why clinicians recommend BrainFx

“Prior to discovering BrainFx, I utilized other screens and assessments to address cognitive issues with clients. These assessments often imposed a low ceiling effect; where cognitive impacts experienced by my client population were not being detected. Another issue was the bottom up effect of component based cognitive assessments which did not necessarily generalize to recommendations for everyday living.

Healthcare professional and BrainFx user

“I love working with this assessment tool. It provides a great starting point for treatment and discussion around strategies to improve neurofunction.”

Healthcare Professional and BrainFx user

An innovative approach, scientifically-backed

Our Assessments are validated independently in collaboration with prominent researchers and institutions in neuroscience. BrainFx Assessments offer a scientific approach to assess brain health, and your ability to function in real life.

Join the cognitive experts

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Important Information: BrainFx Assessments only provide information about neurofunctional performance. Assessment results detail the patient/client's performance on assessment activities completed and only assist the health care team in identifying potential areas of strength or challenge as related to function. Assessments DO NOT provide any diagnosis or treatment recommendations. BrainFx Assessments are only permitted to be delivered by trained clinicians. Assessment reports are not stand-alone and require the interpretation of a health professional within their scope of practice and in the context of all information that they have gathered about their patient/client. In Canada, BrainFx Assessments are cleared by Health Canada as a Class 1 Software as a Medical Device. BrainFx Assessments and the statements made on this website have not been evaluated by any other regulatory bodies. Assessments are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Information provided by BrainFx is not a substitute for face-to-face consultation with your health care professional and should not be construed as individual medical advice.