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We’re proud to announce our partnership with Metriks Education Inc.

BrainFx and Metriks Education Inc. announce a strategic partnership to advance the cognitive and physical measurement of human performance.

BrainFx and Metriks today announce the availability of a Cognitive FCE assessment, a combined cognitive and physical functional assessment in one report.

The partnership blends Metriks’ industry-leading expertise in physical functional measurements, with the evidence-backed neurofunctional assessment from BrainFx. This fusion creates a truly whole-person assessment.

Metriks Education Inc., founded in 2004, specializes in the measurement of physical function. Metriks designs and manufactures innovative tools to measure human performance, complemented by their continuing education assessment certification courses. The Metriks Rehabilitation Assessment Management (RAM) software platform automates assessment data collection and report writing.

BrainFx makes the comprehensive measurement and tracking of brain health easier, faster and more accessible through their digital, neurofunctional assessment tools. BrainFx works with healthcare professionals by delivering information that can be very useful in presenting the clinical picture of the client through their ecologically valid, comprehensive assessments that are specifically designed to be sensitive to mild to moderate dysfunction and change. Their tools can help clearly illuminate the functional picture through not only self-report but also friends/family/colleagues along with objective and functional data with a medley of real-world examples that can be matched and compared to a person’s cognitive behavioral job demands via advanced cohort analysis.

As our economy transitions away from traditional heavy physical work, the need for combined cognitive and physical assessments grows. This type of assessment addresses the increasing complexity and stress of work.

The changing societal views on mental health and the awareness of brain health, particularly in the area of concussions, is changing the needs of the stakeholders involved in disability determination. Employers, physicians and insurance systems are requesting whole-person assessments that blend cognitive, social and physical function to assist in disability and return-to-activity decisions.

The BrainFx and Metriks Cognitive FCE contains the critical data that decision-makers require. In addition, this combined assessment simplifies the process for the clinician.

“Our search for the ideal cognitive assessment partner led us to BrainFx. And BrainFx ticks all the right boxes. BrainFx has a compatible business culture, is also an evidence-based product and, like Metriks, has a strong understanding of the rehabilitation and insurance industry. BrainFx takes the Metriks FCE product to the next level,” said Kevin Cairns, President of Metriks Education Inc.

“Our mission from the beginning was to create the most complete, evidence-based and real-world connected assessment platform for rehabilitation professionals – and Metriks is the perfect partner to that end. Their commitment to excellence is evident in their tools, educational offerings and business practices in general, and we couldn’t be more thrilled about being the cognitive component to their highly regarded physical FCE platform. We are excited about the opportunity to deliver more value to our communities and are looking forward to continuing to raise the bar for FCEs together.” – Tracy Milner, Founder & CEO of BrainFx

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