Therapeutics Development

Objectively demonstrate the cognitive safety and efficacy of your treatments with our non-invasive and cost-effective clinical endpoint.

Therapeutics Safety

‌Our product platform allows researchers to easily monitor the cognitive health of study participants throughout the clinical trial process. Determining the cognitive safety of developmental drugs is integral to improving patient outcomes and reducing commercial risk.

Mitigate the risk of late-stage failure by proactively monitoring cognitive signals using our patient friendly and convenient assessment tools that will integrate seamlessly into research workflow.

Efficiency and Convenience

  • ‌‌Assess participants in-person or remotely
  • Patient-directed assessments for monitoring in between clinical visits
  • Detailed report generated immediately after assessments
  • Different assessment options to suit your study and participants
  • Comprehensive dashboard and normative data base to enable robust data analytics
  • Data visualization via tailored graphs and charts

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Our latest research

Working with the Mayo Clinic to understand Long-COVID

This study focuses on understanding the neurological impact of Long-COVID by developing a solution that assists clinicians and researches to better understand and address the impacts of this new and emerging phenomena.

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